Register via code card


Patients who do not have a Belgian national register number may apply for a code card via a partner hospital employee.

Each code card also includes a provisional password, which you will receive together with the code card. For a new password, click on 'forgot password'.

Step 1: Visit and click on 'log in with my nexuzhealth code card'.

Step 2: Use one of the identification methods below to identify yourself:

  • National register number - The Belgian national registry number on your identity card.
  • Enter only the digits (no punctuation or spaces)
  • EAD number (Employment Authorisation number) - A unique record/patient number displayed on invoices/letters from the hospital.
  • Username - You can only set this in your profile after logging in for the first time via your EAD or national register number.

Step 3: Enter the provisional password you received by mail or from a hospital employee. Click on the 'eye' on the right to make your password visible.

Step 4: Enter the requested code. This is one of the 24 codes on your code card. If you are asked for e.g. 'code 15', enter the code series on your card with the number '15'.

Attention! Are you receiving the error message 'user name or password incorrect'? Check that the details are correctly noted and, if necessary, request a new password.