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For the website to work properly, we need to place a number of small files on your computer, called cookies.

In this Cookie Statement, we explain which cookies we use to make the website work properly.

The website manager and data controller is nexuzhealth nv, a company incorporated under Belgian law, with headquarters in Hasselt, company number 0667 753 542. Nexuzhealth nv is a joint venture between Cegeka Health Care nv and UZ Leuven.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit a website or use a (mobile) application. These text files contain some parameters, such as a unique ID, information about your web browser and the specific website. In addition, they usually contain an expiry date.

A cookie can facilitate communication between your device and the website or application's server. After all, if you later return to a specific website, the cookie allows that page to recognise you as a visitor and continue building its history.

Why does nexuzhealth use cookies?

We use cookies mainly to make our website function properly and improve your experience as a user. To do this, we use the following types of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies: these cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website. Therefore, as a user, you cannot refuse these cookies.
Cookie Name Type of Cookie Cookie Expiration Provider
__cfruid Necessary 0 days (Until the end of the session) Cloudflare
__cf_bm Necessary 0 days (Until the end of the session) Cloudflare bot management


  • Functional cookies: these cookies are responsible for enhancing your user experience, for example by remembering your language preferences. If you wish to use these, we ask for your permission.

There are also other types of cookies, namely: 

  • Analysis cookies: these cookies map your browsing behaviour as a user and are processed into anonymous statistics. This allows us to map how users navigate on our website, whether information is easy to find, which information is most frequently viewed, etc. This way, we can respond to the needs of website visitors.
Cookie Name Type of Cookie Cookie Expiration Provider
_gclxxxx Analysis 2 months Google
_pk_id Analysis 1 year Piwik
_pk_ses Analysis 0 days (Until the end of the session) Piwik

  • Advertising cookies: we use cookies to make our ads more attractive and valuable to site visitors. Some common uses of cookies include selecting ads based on what is relevant to a user; to improve reporting on the performance of advertising campaigns; and to prevent ads from being shown that the user has already seen.
Cookie Name Type of Cookie Cookie Expiration Provider
test_cookie Advertisement 0 days Doubleclick (Google)
CONSENT Advertisement 1 year Google
YSC Advertisement 0 days (Until the end of the session) Youtube
_cfuvid Advertisement 0 days (Until the end of the session) Hubspot
IDE Advertisement 1 year Doubleclick (Google)
CONSENT Advertisement 16 years Youtube
VISITOR_PRIVACY_METADATA Advertisement 5 months Youtube
__cf_bm Advertisement 0 days (Until the end of the session) CloudFoundry
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Advertisement 6 months Youtube


How can you change your preferences?

You can adjust your preferences at any time via 


If you choose to reject or delete certain cookies, our website may no longer function optimally and your ease of use may be disrupted. You can delete already installed cookies from your device at any time via your browser settings. If necessary, please consult your browser's help function.

Changes to our Cookie Statement

Nexuzhealth reserves the right to amend this Cookie Statement. This Cookie Statement was last amended on February 1, 2024

How can you contact us?

If you have any further questions about the use of cookies, please contact nexuzhealth at the following address: 

Nexuzhealth nv
Kempische Steenweg 307 (Corda 3)
B - 3500 Hasselt