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Getting started with nexuzhealth consult

Submit application for access to nexuzhealth

A healthcare provider can request access to nexuzhealth consultation after completing an application form. The request form will be processed within 48h.

Step 1: Surf to and click on 'request a free account' to request access to 'nexuzhealth consult'.

Step 2: Fill in the application form with the correct details and click 'send'.

Step 3: Received our confirmation email? Go to and click on 'log in nexuzhealth consult' to log in via 'CSAM' using your eID or itsme®.




Sign in (eID or Itsme)

Step 1: Surf to and click on 'log in nexuzhealth consult'.

Step 2: Choose 'CSAM' to sign in using your electronic identity card or via 'itsme' via the federal government's sign-in platform.

Step 3: Then click on 'sign in via eID' or 'sign in via itsme®.

Step 4: Finally, go through the steps described on the federal government's login platform.
After successfully completing these steps, you will be directed to the nexuzhealth consult home page.

Manage my data

In 'nexuzhealth consult', healthcare providers can keep your address details up-to-date in the 'my details' section.

Step 1: Click on your name and then on 'profile' or go directly to the 'my data' section.

Step 2: Under address details, you can see which address is active and which addresses are no longer active. You have the option to set yourself via the 'activate' or 'inactivate' button on which address you are still active and which are no longer active.

Follow this carefully, as this is important administrative data with regard to the hospitals and your patients.

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nexuzhealth pro doctor

Contact our service desk directly.
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nexuzhealth pro nurse

Enquiries about nexuzhealth pro for home nursing can be made through your reseller. You can find the list of resellers here.


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We are happy to help you, contact us via our service desk, for urgent questions you can also contact us by phone using the details below.

Questions about the content of your record? Ask your healthcare provider or hospital.

Our servicedesk Call +32 16 39 38 65

We can be reached on working days between 08:00 and 17:00

Contact the following healthcare facilities directly:

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