Nexuzhealth pro & the clinical workstation (CWS)

The centralised
platform for healthcare professionals

Manage the electronic health records of your patients efficiently and securely. With nexuzhealth pro & CWS, you experience more collaboration, more efficiency and less administrative burden.

Stronger connections for better collaboration

With nexuzhealth pro, all healthcare providers involved see the same patient data, every time from the perspective of their specialisation and workflow. Therefore, together, they can guarantee the best care for patients, across departments and all areas of expertise.


Driven by the healthcare community

The nexuzhealth pro software is constantly improving thanks to the insights of thousands of healthcare professionals who use it every day. This is how the latest technologies are linked to the needs of the medical field.

elektronisch patientendossier ziekenhuizen
nexuzhealth pro & CWS

A high-performance platform

Klinisch werkstation nexuzhealth patientendossier intensieve zorgen dashboard

Clinical Workstation

Centralised patient data for optimised care.


nexuzhealth pro nurse

Centralised patient data, optimised operations for those closest to patients.


nexuzhealth pro doctor

Centralised patient data to support an optimised point of contact.

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Patient centered

Understanding the health record as a patient

Together with our thousands of healthcare users, we at nexuzhealth want to guarantee every patient the best care. Our platform not only strengthens collaboration among healthcare professionals, but also gives patients an instant and clear view of their own medical records.

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