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One digital health record for patients and their healthcare providers

Nexuzhealth connects patients, healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals via one centralised electronic health record.
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The centralised electronic health record (EHR)

We use the latest technologies to centralise medical information and enhance communication. Resulting in more efficiency, better care and less administrative tasks.

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Developed for and by care professionals 

No one understands the needs of healthcare better than healthcare professionals themselves. That is why the nexuzhealth applications were developed in close cooperation with them. They offer real solutions to real industry needs.

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NEXt Seven: Connecting the dots in healthtech for better care

Over the past seven years, nexuzhealth has grown into one of the country's most important scale-ups.Our 2023 annual report highlights the NEXt Seven from strategic, technological, and financial perspectives. Internal experts provide more insights into our achievements and plans, and customers share their experiences of working with nexuzhealth.

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A collective of satisfied users & patients

"Integrated care does not stop at the revolving doors of the hospital. We must always start from the patient and join forces as healthcare providers to ensure that all care is aligned."
Charlotte Cleuren
Policy officer - Medical Management at Jessa Ziekenhuis

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"The automation of the preoperative pathway allows the anesthetist to focus on the clinical aspect of the preoperative evaluation."
dr. Valkenborgh
Anesthesist Noorderhart
“Now that my medical records can be accessed in one place, my experience is that my healthcare providers can help me faster.”
Esther Vanderhallen
Patient at AZ Herentals
“I have been working with nexuzhealth pro for 2 years now. Because of its intuitive layout, the learning curve is short. You can quickly enter and look up all the data you want."
dr. Bottu
General practitioner

Strengthening each other within the community

Within the community, we constantly strengthen each other. From healthcare facilities to primary care professionals, everyone benefits from shared knowledge, the latest technology updates and investments. This is how we build a healthy society together.

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Affiliated healthcare institutions

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Annual Report 2023: looking forward with Stijn Bijnens

Annual Report 2023: looking forward with Stijn Bijnens

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Annual Report 2023: On to the NEXt Seven

Annual Report 2023: On to the NEXt Seven

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