Parental authority

What is parental authority?

Parental authority is the set of rights and duties of a parent towards the child. It means that parents can make decisions about their minor child. These decisions must be in the best interests of the child and may relate to housing, health, upbringing, education, entertainment and the minor child's religious and philosophical choices.

Who exercises parental authority?

The basic rule is that parental authority shall be exercised jointly by both parents, even if the parents no longer live together.

In relatively exceptional situations, the family court may award parental custody exclusively to one of the two parents. However, the parent who does not exercise parental authority shall retain the right to supervise the child's upbringing and may obtain any useful information in this regard from the other parent or from third parties.

In extremely exceptional circumstances, the family court may fully or partially deprive a parent of parental authority. A parent who is completely deprived of parental authority shall lose all parental rights, including the right to supervision and information.

What does this mean for mynexuzhealth?

As a parent with parental authority, you can request a parent-child link for your minor child (under 15 years of age). This link will provide you with access to your child's medical record via mynexuzhealth. You also have the option of tracking your child's appointments and invoices.

Please note that if, as a parent, you (no longer) have parental authority over your child, you will not be permitted to obtain a link to your child's record via mynexuzhealth.

In case of doubt or questions, we recommend contacting your hospital's ombudsman service.

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