Clinical Workstation

An integrated  record for optimal care

The CWS (clinical workstation) is a central health record that lets you make more efficient use of the data flows created in your hospital. Improve processes, gain medical insights and encourage collaboration.
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The 3 pillars of the electronic health record

administration and PLANNING

Operational efficiency

The CWS (clinical workstation) is aimed at improving healthcare by optimising critical processes and providing access to complete patient information. This results in better decision-making and significantly improving the quality of care.

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Optimising care

The CWS (clinical workstation) aims to optimise care. The powerful software and its functionalities ensure increased quality of care.


Focus on data

Care with complete logging and maximised connectivity. The CWS runs entirely in our data centres that are external to the hospital. Security, maintenance and backup are part of our services.

Driving digital care, together.

The power of community

Customers & partners

The EHR is based on our own knowledge of IT and healthcare combined with the experience of our connected hospitals. Thanks to the input of over 35 healthcare facilities, our roadmap has been tried and tested and is constantly being improved.

The medical record always at hand

CWS Companion ensures an optimal care pathway within your healthcare facility. Employees have the medical record at hand with access to lab results, medical images, reports and more.

Additional medical data can be added directly from the app. Reports and medication are validated immediately.

Creating appointments and orders becomes easier than ever.

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The experience of others

A collective of satisfied users

"Whether CWS is the best system on the market? No doubt there are lots of great applications out there, but none offer that same transparency and flow of information between departments."

Wim Lambrechts
ICT manager at RZ Heilig hart Tienen

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patient empowerment

The most important stakeholders are the patients

Through mynexuzhealth, patients have transparent and user-friendly access to their own medical records.

The app for patients that provides insight into their medical records.
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nexuzhealth consult
As a healthcare professional, free insight into patient files
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The implementation of a new EHR

From creating support to selecting key users, read about it in our practical checklist.

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