Nexuzhealth consult: bridging the gap between hospital records and eHealth



There are several ways to gain insight into hospitals' patient records as a primary care provider. What is unique about nexuzhealth's applications is that in addition to eHealth data, they may also view hospital records, in a user-friendly and well-secured way. The result: a more complete picture of the patient sitting in your cabinet in front of you.

As a GP, you can consult radiological images, reports, lab results and medication summaries created in hospitals, among other things, via the free nexuzhealth consult  application. But it may also be useful to access the eHealth data of the patient with whom you have a therapeutic relationship. For example, the result of a population study, a child's record, etc. The link between nexuzhealth consult and your patient's eHealth data makes this perfectly possible.

Smart link

Thanks to the smart link with eHealth services such as Vitalink, the eHealthBox and various hubs, as a GP or other primary care provider, you get all relevant patient information served in one central location. The report may be sent directly to the ehealth box at the press of a button; no download is required.

While most software lets all hub information arrive in one large overview, nexuzhealth consult uses smart labelling, which sorts all kinds of medical info. This sorting is done entirely behind the scenes. As a result, a visualisation of a CT or PET scan is automatically classified under the medical imaging category. The same applies to lab reports. As a GP, this gives you a user-friendly and well-organised record. Nexuzhealth consult therefore not only gives you a complete overview, but also saves you time. Good to know: via a link with 'mijnThuisverpleging' (my home nursing), you will soon also have access to the patient information of the White and Yellow Cross, i-mens, and our specialised resellers.

Streamlined information

Today, more than 35 Flemish healthcare institutions work with KWS, nexuzhealth's Clinical Workstation. KWS is the electronic patient record (EPR) of the hospital. Is your patient going for a preoperative RX to a hospital that works with a different EPR? No problem. Via nexuzhealth consult, you can still view the images. To gain access, it is necessary to have a therapeutic relationship and informed consent. You can still access the medical information you need using a small eHealth workaround. Do you read your patient's eID to register consent? If so, this is incredibly simple and almost automatic.

Try nexuzhealth consult for yourself!

Nexuzhealth consult offers insight into patient records of hospitals as well as eHealth data. The application is completely free for these care providers: general practitioners, home nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, midwives and dentists. Discover the possibilities and benefits or request a free account right away based on your RIZIV number and national registration number.