nexuzhealth consult: the central tool for GPs and home nurses

Sabine op de beeck huisarts nexuzhealth consult


Healthcare is constantly changing. Due to the rising demand for care and its increasing complexity, sharing data is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to the KWS for hospitals, mynexuzhealth for patients and nexuzhealth consult for primary care, all the pieces of the puzzle fall together. This way, all parties involved may access relevant patient information and obtain a more complete picture of the patient's health status.
A textbook example of such multidisciplinary cooperation? Medical director Goedele Beckers of AZ Turnhout and GP Dr Sabine Op de Beeck of praktijk Arzo testify to this.

"I have been working for several years with nexuzhealth consult, the tool that provides you with free access to the patient record in the hospital”, GP Dr Sabine Op de Beeck enthuses. "I look up medical reports and imaging and make appointments for my patients in AZ Turnhout. That saves me a lot of phone calls and time. Everything works in a user-friendly way, I never needed any specific training. It is also very pleasant for the patient when I arrange the referral: he/she steps out of the doctor's office and is immediately allotted a date for his/her appointment at the hospital."

"I have been working with nexuzhealth consult for several years. I look up medical reports and imaging and make appointments for my patients."
dr. Sabine Op de Beeck

General Practitioner

Clear radiographs

What are the other things that Dr Op de Beeck appreciates? The clarity of the medical images. "At the beginning of my career, I was still holding those big medical images against a light box. It works a lot easier digitally. The images are razor-sharp, you can move around within the medical imaging and possibly highlight something. Through nexuzhealth consult, I can retrieve images as well as reports for radiology, which works efficiently. I regularly rotate my screen to show my patient the images. That way you can explain certain things with much greater specificity."

Better cooperation

AZ Turnhout certainly also sees the added value of cooperation via nexuzhealth in primary care. "We send out a newsletter once a quarter to the GPs in the area", says Wim Huynen, project coordinator KWS (Clinical Workstation, nexuzhealth's electronic patient record) at AZ Turnhout. "In this, we have already mentioned the advantages of nexuzhealth consult. Because it benefits the patient when the hospital and primary care work together even better. The possibility of letting doctors book appointments online in our hospital is very much to our liking."

Data sharing at network level

AZ Turnhout has been working with the nexuzhealth hospital platform for several years now. "At the time, we chose KWS because of its scale and the possibility to easily and securely share data at network level", says Goedele Beckers, medical director of AZ Turnhout. "Moreover, the data are uniformly structured. It makes sense for GPs to jump on board. Today, they almost all work with different EMDs and really need one central platform. One application in which everything comes together: data from different hospitals, reports from various specialists, results from all kinds of external labs, etc. The fact that a large group of home care nurses from the White and Yellow Cross now also subscribe to nexuzhealth only makes it even more advantageous."


The GP is the pivotal figure, the crucial player in the patient's care pathway. Data sharing - with all the patient's care providers - is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, in addition to GPs and home nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dentists and midwives already have access to the free tool.  The objective? To make every patient's medical record as complete and insightful as possible for primary care. Regardless of whether you are working at home, in transit or in your group practice. This then automatically leads to more targeted care and additional cross-pollinations

With the following link, you can choose to access hospital records via nexuzhealth consult in one-two-three minutes. It only takes two minutes to apply for an account and it is - usually - up and running within the working day.