Which administrative details can you change?

Profile picture

It is not possible to change your profile picture yourself - this is to prevent misuse. You can have your profile picture changed at your hospital's registration desk.

Contact details

In this menu, you can add your own telephone/mobile number and e-mail address and those of any other contacts.


You can report a change of address using the 'report wrong address' option in your 'profile'. Here you can enter the correct address, and your hospital's medical administrative department will adjust it as soon as possible.

My hospital

If you see a hospital under the heading 'my hospital', this means that you have had an appointment or checkup at the hospital in question, and that medical information is available.

You cannot change this.

General practitioner

A GP can always be changed via the 'Accesses' option in your profile menu. However, it is not possible to have more than one GP. The medical administrative department will sort this out for you as soon as possible.


Go to your profile via www.mynexuzhealth.be or via 'settings' in the 'mynexuzhealth' application and choose your preferred language. You may choose between Dutch, English and French.

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