The number of mynexuzhealth users has grown to over 1 million unique patients

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More than 1 million users have been using the mynexuzhealth app since its launch in 2016. As on 1 December 2022, 1,037,468 patients were using the app on their mobile phones or via the web application. This makes mynexuzhealth the most widely used patient platform in Belgium. mynexuzhealth allows patients to access their medical records at a single glance. Patients can consult reports, appointments, invoices, medical images and personal data free of charge. mynexuzhealth enables patients to consult their complete medical record from all affiliated healthcare institutions as well as all ehealth data, online.

Nexuzhealth is working towards the healthy society of tomorrow by creating cutting-edge technology that improves the quality of care. We develop, implement and manage centralised healthcare platforms for citizens, medical professionals and healthcare teams. 

“With mynexuzhealth, we want to involve patients in the care process to the maximum extent possible: before, during and after a hospitalization or consultation with a doctor. This is why we remain constantly committed to improving the digital experience for patients", said Gertie Delande, CEO of nexuzhealth. "The success of nexuzhealth is primarily because of hospitals and care providers informing patients about the possibilities of the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and also provide guidance on how to use the application.” 

Use of mynexuzhealth enhances digital patient experience

Over the past six years, the patient app mynexuzhealth has made several strides in further digitising medical data. The digital experience has increased tremendously. Gertie Delande clarifies: "We find that mynexuzhealth is mainly used to digitally manage appointments at healthcare institutions, consult medical reports, use prescriptions and consult results of technical examinations (lab results and medical images).". 

The main reason for its success?

The patients of today want to have a centralised overview of their medical records and health at all times. And preferably in a user-friendly and efficient way. Even though care pathways are becoming more complex and diseases more chronic and long-lasting. In 2022, patients are more articulate and want to know everything. Today, the patient is a partner in his own care pathway across different healthcare institutions. Thanks to mynexuzhealth, we promote patient involvement and collaborations with their care providers. 

"We speak here of control, or patient empowerment. That control is often reassuring for many patients. For example, the patient himself checks whether he/she has contracted a COVID infection by looking up the result digitally, or the patient acquires a better understanding of his/her blood results, for example. Of course, we stress that expert advice continues to be the task of the medical profession. It continues to be important to consult the treating physician to interpret the results”, says Gertie Delande. 

Primary care benefits

Mynexuzhealth does not only work on the digital maturity of patients. GPs, home nurses, and physiotherapists also benefit. Through their version of the application - nexuzhealth pro and nexuzhealth consult - they get a more complete picture of the patient thanks to the centralisation of medical data flows. "In this sense, primary care may work more efficiently than before. The government decided a few years ago that it wanted to award premiums for GPs who consciously choose the digital path. As a result, the network is now sufficiently large to enable both patients and doctors to experience the benefits, and there is no doubt about the continuity of digital care”, concludes Gertie Delande.