Register via itsme®


To log in via 'itsme®', the application needs to be installed on your smartphone. For information: The app can be used by persons aged 16 and older. More information about itsme® may be found here.

Step 1: Visit and click on 'log in'.

Step 2: Then choose 'log in via itsme®'.

Step 3: Enter the mobile phone number linked to the 'itsme®' account.

Step 4: Accept the request in your 'itsme®' app.

Step 5: After confirming the request, return to the 'mynexuzhealth' app.

Step 6: Set a five-digit PIN.

Step 7: Complete the registration by entering the five digits again and clicking the 'tick' last.

Please note: Are you receiving the error message "Device not compliant (code 2)"?
Click here for more information.