Register via SMS


This method is not available at all nexuzhealth partners. You will get a list of hospitals after you have chosen this method.

Note: this login method does not give you access to the eHealth database or other external healthcare institution. Log in again via itsme® or 'PC' to access the 'external sources' and 'vaccinations' folders in mynexuzhealth.

  • You have a hospital appointment within two months.


  • Your mobile phone number must be known in your record.


Step 1: Launch the 'mynexuzhealth' application.

Step 2: Select 'SMS' option as the registration method.

Step 3: You will then see an overview of hospitals where this option is activated. Is your hospital not listed here? If so, you unfortunately cannot use this option. Choose another registration method in such case.

Attention! You must have an appointment within the next two months to be able to register via 'SMS'.

Step 4: After this, enter your date of birth and click 'next'.

Step 5: Enter the mobile phone number registered in your medical record. You will receive an SMS on this number. Enter the received code in the 'registration code' box.

Please note that the number must always start with '04...' or '00324...'. If you enter the number with '+32', you will not receive an SMS.

Step 6: Next, you may choose a five-digit PIN code. This enables you to log in after registration is complete.

Step 7: If all the details have been entered correctly, you will receive an activation code by SMS. Enter this and click on 'Finish'.

Certain smartphones recognise the SMS automatically, which means the code is entered automatically.

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