What should I keep in mind when accessing my reports?


As a patient of a nexuzhealth hospital, you have direct access to the medical reports and documents from your electronic patient record, via www.mynexuzhealth.be or the 'mynexuzhealth' application.

Your record may contain certain medical terms or other data that are not clear to you or about which you may have questions

After all, the available information has not been edited or adapted in terms of language, content or form. Moreover, reports are not only drawn up on the basis of elements identified during the checkup, consultation, procedure or contact, but also on the basis of information already present in your patient record.

Certain reports are not (immediately) visible via this application

This is because the reports have not yet been validated or because they have been designated as protected reports by your healthcare team. Shielded reports may contain data about third parties or data that fall under the 'therapeutic exception'.

Information from your electronic health record is strictly personal and confidential.

Handle it with care and do not share information with third parties who have no right to it. nexuzhealth is not responsible for any damage, of whatever nature and extent, caused directly or indirectly in case you share information from your patient record with third parties.

Do you have questions or would like more information about your record? Discuss this with your GP or treating physician during a consultation. Questions about your record cannot be discussed over the phone or via e-mail.