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Nexuzhealth pro is the latest and most efficient software for home nurses. Manage your patients' electronic health records quickly, easily and securely in our easy-to-use software.
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Work more efficiently in relation to 3 pillars


More time with your patient

One of the biggest strengths of nexuzhealth pro for home nurses is that health records are always up to date thanks to automatic synchronisation. You can work both online and offline. All data can be accessed via the intuitive app on your smartphone or tablet, but also at home on your computer to complete any reports via the web browser.


An integrated approach

To be up to date with the latest patient information anytime, anywhere, a centralised and secure medical record is incredibly useful. Add parameters, nursing problems and targets quickly and efficiently.


A complete picture

A central health record combines information from general practitioners (GPs), hospitals, and home nursing staff. This results in a complete picture of the patient’s data. When everyone works efficiently with the same universal record, the data is complete and immediately available, which will help you treat the patient in the best possible way.

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For large organisations with greater numbers of nurses, nexuzhealth provides direct access to software and services, tailored to your needs.
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Smaller groups or individual nurses can connect to the software through specialised resellers. When connecting through a reseller, you can count on administrative support, implementation, training and more.
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THe Mobile app

Better care entirely within reach

This convenient app makes comprehensive patient records available, both online and offline. The app’s clear journey list and direct navigation provides quick directions.

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A healthier society through collaboration

The story of nexuzhealth is a story of collaboration. With hospitals, general practitioners and patients. Because only if we write the story together will we achieve our goal: a healthier society.

The app for patients that gives access to their records
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Free access in health recordsfor healthcare professionals
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