Access to your electronic patient records anytime, anywhere, on any device

A seamless transition between different devices, regardless of location and the quality of the internet connection is a dream of many home care nurses. Nexuzhealth pro nurse makes this possible: whether you're working on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, with or without access to Wi-Fi or 5G, home care nurses can always access their patients' central health records. Willem Knevels, EPD consultant at nexuzhealth, explains.



Let's take a look at how home care nurses used to work: a home care nurse goes to a patient with a mobile device, reads the eID and accesses the patient record. There's no Wi-Fi and it takes ages to load the record. Frustrated, the home care nurse looks after the patient. They record the main parameters on a piece of paper and decide to update the patient record in the car or later that evening.

Online and offline

“There’s considerable room for improvement in terms of user-friendliness and efficiency here,” explains Willem Knevels. “The software allows patient records to be viewed and updated anytime and anyplace, even when there's no internet connection. Home care nurses can work offline and all the data will synchronise automatically as soon as internet connection is restored, allowing them to always stay up to speed with their administration. Most preferably this is done next to the patient's bed or chair, or at home or the office if necessary.” 

Seamless transition between devices

Thanks to nexuzhealth pro nurse, home care nursing organisations no longer have to think about which combination of software and hardware they'll use because nexuzhealth pro nurse works in a browser and with a mobile app. In other words, home care nurses can visit patients with a smartphone or tablet and log on at home or at the office with their laptop in case of complex patient records. You have access to the patient record anytime and anyplace in the familiar look-and-feel.”


An example of wound care in nexuzhealth pro nurse

Thuisverpleegkundigen organisaties moeten dankzij nexuzhealth pro nurse niet langer nadenken voor welke combinatie van software en hardware ze gaan. Nexuzhealth pro nurse werkt immers zowel in de browser als via een mobiele app. Thuisverpleegkundigen kunnen dus perfect met een smartphone of tablet naar de patiënt gaan én thuis of op kantoor via hun laptop inloggen bij complexe dossiers. Je krijgt altijd en overal toegang tot hetzelfde dossier in de gekende look-and-feel.”

Secure and efficient

Security is a priority at nexuzhealth. “Logging on to the app requires two-factor authentication, i.e. a username and password in combination with a PIN code, your national register number or itsme,” explains Willem. “If you're a self-employed home care nurse working for several practices you can select the practice after logging on. The day’s schedule is subsequently shown with all the addresses and the planned care.

The green arrow in the top right-hand corner next to every patient shows the caching. Every time a user connects to the internet, the data is temporarily and automatically stored on the device (cached), allowing the nurse to consult them at all times. Manual caching is also possible of course by clicking the arrow. This means all the data is accessible offline at all times and the continuity is guaranteed.”



Access at all times

The cached data can be consulted anytime, anywhere, on any device:


Nexuzhealth advises all home care nurses to first read the eID on arriving at the patient's home. “This confirms the visit and sends all the necessary information to the invoicing department. In fact, the guidelines of the RIZIV or National Institute of Health and Disability Insurance state that home care nurses need to record at least 90% eID-confirmed visits to meet legal requirements,” continues Willem. “It's also useful to know that once you have read in the eID, you can always do a confirmation later via the web application.”

Mobile or browser?

The nexuzhealth pro nurse smartphone and tablet versions contain many functionalities, albeit that the web version is slightly more extensive. “This is a deliberate choice: the mobile application contains everything a home care nurse needs to easily and efficiently record parameters. For example, the web version, which is used chiefly in office environments by practice coordinators, simplifies the scheduling of new patients because the browser has more features in terms of administration, invoicing and hospital records. Other than that,  everything looks the same. Anyone who is used to working in the mobile version and subsequently logs on via the browser, will immediately notice the similar look and feel.”



Home care nurses visit many places where there is patchy 4G or 5G coverage. Sometimes there is no internet coverage at all. In newly built houses or apartments with concrete walls, the internet connection is often very weak which is why synchronisation is so important to work efficiently. Time is indeed a home care nurse's biggest challenge. Optimisation needs to be found in efficiency gains. Thanks to nexuzhealth pro nurse, access and synchronisation is at least one less worry…

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