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The best care is the result of strong collaboration and information sharing, across all hospital departments, but also with external healthcare providers. The nexuzhealth central record connects all those involved in a care process, saving time and resources.
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Central EHR for hospitals

Nexuzhealth brings together all healthcare providers involved - internal and external - around an electronic health record (EHR). This creates the most up-to-date and complete picture of a patient's medical journey. Safe, reliable and extremely efficient.

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Belgian synergy between medical and technological expertise

Our platform is developed based on the latest technologies, and with the cooperation of numerous professionals from the medical field. As a Belgian company, nexuzhealth has the best insight into the typical workings of our local healthcare.

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“The automation of the preoperative pathway allows the anaesthetist to focus on the clinical aspect of the preoperative evaluation and thus make an evidence-based risk assessment of the procedure for the patient."

Dr. T. Valkenborgh
Anaesthesist - Intensive care medicine 


"By cleverly connecting with the CWS, there is a snowball effect that leads to even more insights and efficiency."
Jan Yperman Ziekenhuis
Yves Platteeuw
IT project manager at Jan Yperman Hospital
“In terms of care and medical record keeping, we see that it goes far beyond just registration; the CWS even helps with planning."
Sam Lowie
EHR programme manager EPD at Vitaz
“We were looking for a more integrated health record. Specifically for medical prescription, the available functionalities offer great added value. It provides an overview of all the patient's medication."
Jessa Ziekenhuis
Thijs Nelis
Program Manager at Jessa Hospital
affiliated healthcare institutions

Join a community of thousands of care professionals

We continuously improve our software based on input from thousands of healthcare professionals who use the EHR every day. Thanks to the strength of our community, our platform always provides answers to the latest challenges in the medical field.

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More connection for better care 

From patients to hospitals, general practitioners to external healthcare providers, nexuzhealth aims to connect everyone to make healthcare better, resulting in a healthier society. We therefore make continuous efforts to deliver on this promise.

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