Connecting the dots: challenges in the healthcare landscape and the path forward

Challenges. Healthcare providers have to deal with it on a daily basis. Whether they work in a hospital, a paramedic centre, a general practice or organisation of home nurses. Because nexuzhealth prefers to think in terms of solutions rather than in terms of problems, CEO Gertie Delande and Director Hospital Solutions Maarten De Gruyter lists five trends in the healthcare landscape and nexuzhealth's related strategic goals. "After all, by being aware of the movements in the landscape, we may anticipate the future and connect the various dots", says Gertie Delande. 

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Trend 1: operational efficiency

We see a shift in the ecosystem: mergers and network hospitals are popping up, requiring greater levels of collaboration. But there is pressure on budgets everywhere - in every healthcare institution. Add to that staff shortages and turnover... Unfortunately, we cannot solve that at nexuzhealth. What can we do, though? Ensure that as many care providers as possible can work (together) more efficiently. Through automated workflows within the Clinical Workstation (KWS - electronic patient record), administrative simplification and easier ways to collaborate transmurally.

Trend 2: patient empowerment

The health care landscape is complex in terms of data sharing. Especially for a patient. So we need to make it a lot simpler for them. By placing the patient at centre stage and giving him/her the role of active partner. But also by clearly sharing data. After all, engagement and participation are crucial today. That is why we give patients (including informal carers) easy access to questionnaires, appointment modules and referral letters via a user-friendly application: mynexuzhealth.

Trend 3: collaborative work

Intensive partnerships between hospitals and primary care are vital. That is why nexuzhealth is the foundation for the future. We scrutinise both processes and technology to give the best version of ourselves. In a uniform and user-friendly way, inviting even better cooperation and partnerships with governments and third parties.

Trend 4: privacy and security

Technology makes complex things a lot easier. At nexuzhealth, we put maximum effort into the necessary protection and prevention. The biggest challenge? Finding the balance between progress and regulation. The main goal? Maintaining patient confidence.

Trend 5: gaining insights

One can achieve a lot with the right data from the right person, in the right form and at the right time. Data capture and input in the central record are therefore incredibly important. Here, too, we continue to optimise and adjust through integration and cooperation.

At nexuzhealth, we believe very strongly that these five trends are inseparableConnecting the dots is the raison d'être of nexuzhealth. We want all actors to work together as smoothly as possible. To organise that, we have defined five pillars or strategic goals.

Pillar 1: community-driven software

With the insights we get from thousands of healthcare professionals using our software, we make our platforms better every time. That community is incredibly valuable and allows us to create a cohesive system.

Pillar 2: patient empowerment

The most important stakeholder is the patient. The central dot in a complex landscape of data sharing. Through mynexuzhealth, they have transparent and user-friendly access to their records.

Pillar 3: quality service

We are evolving from a helpdesk to a service desk. That means we do much more than merely answer questions. By continuously optimising our service processes, we can help customers with clear and accessible info. After all, knowledge sharing - e.g. via working groups - is key. 

Pillar 4: integrated platform

At nexuzhealth, we strive to realise a scalable, flexible and interoperable platform, based on cloud technology, which is effective, compliant and connected. Only in this way can we be future-proof and collaborate transmurally in the best possible way.

Pillar 5: product innovation

The goal of nexuzhealth is to build successful and sustainable products that support specific target groups and benefit patient care. This is why we fully opt for three foundations within our product strategy: collaboration, operational efficiency and transparent insights.