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Access to health records

With nexuzhealth consult, healthcare professionals get a free overview of the electronic health record at the hospital. Consult images, reports, medication summaries, lab results and more.
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What are the benefits?

FRee access

For who?

With nexuzhealth consult, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists and midwives can access their patients' records for free.

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One health record

Smooth access during your consultation

Access to the detailed medical record, including images and scans, gives you a deeper understanding of the needs of your patient.

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Efficient cooperation

Focus on qualitative care

The goal of every healthcare provider? Offer quality care. To facilitate this, data visibility and transparent communication are essential.

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Affiliated healthcare institutions

patient centered care

Contribute to patient centered care, as a healthcare provider.

Today, patients are firmly in control of their own care pathway. You, as a healthcare provider, can contribute to this.

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Getting started with nexuzhealth consult

This starter guide provides an overview of the key functionalities of nexuzhealth consult. Learn how, as a healthcare provider, you can quickly and easily access your patients' digital health records and optimize the use of eHealth data for more efficient transmural collaboration.

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The experience of others

A collective of satisfied users

"I have been working with nexuzhealth consult for several years. I look upmedical reports and imagingand make appointments for my patients."

dr. Sabine Op de Beeck
General practitioner

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Need more than just access?

With nexuzhealth pro for general practitioners and nexuzhealth pro for home nursing, you not only gain insight into data, but also benefit from all the advantages provided by the centralised electronic health record and our community.

The app for patients that provides insight into their medical records.
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nexuzhealth pro
As a healthcare professional, free insight into patient files.
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