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Manage your patient records quickly, easily and securely. Nexuzhealth pro provides you with the most up to date and complete picture of each patient thanks to the contributions of all healthcare providers involved. Resulting in more efficiency and less administrative burden.  
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ELEctronic health record

What is an electronic health record? (EHR)

An electronic health record brings together all data about a patient in one secure and central place. Because all healthcare providers use the same record, it creates the most complete and up-to-date picture to ensure the best care, together.

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100% ready for the future with nexuzhealth pro

Nexuzhealth pro offers numerous features to efficiently manage your patient records. Fully scalable, secure and based on reliable cloud technology. Plus, new functionalities are added all the time.

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Exchange of information

Quickly exchange information in a strong network

As a general practitioner, you are often the patient's first point of contact. Therefore, to ensure the best care, it is crucial that you can quickly exchange information with other healthcare providers. Numerous healthcare institutions and providers are already using nexuzhealth.

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nexuzhealth consult

Free access to the hospital record of your patient?

With nexuzhealth consult, healthcare professionals get a comprehensive overview of the electronic health record at the hospital. Consult images, reports, medication summaries, lab results and more.

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"The migration of data from my old software to nexuzhealth pro went very smoothly. The software isuserfriendly and intuitive, which significantly simplifies the learning process. I am also very satisfied with the speed and stability of this web application."

dr. Jutten
General Practitioner

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